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Fun With Dimensions

  A little bit of fun mixing 2D and 3D together. Whaaaat? That’s actual kimono fabric Kanzashi mounted on a watercolor painting. Of course, I couldn’t just stop there, either… I made the kanzashi piece completely separate from the painting, so it … Continue reading

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A Smattering Of Pokemons

Created because I felt I needed some new prints for SoDak… because I hadn’t added any new ones since the SoDak last year! Yeesh, Jamie! I’m really happy with these, all were done in watercolors on 6″x4.5″ originals. Also… I’m … Continue reading

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SoDak Con!

I’ll be at SoDak Con in Rapid City, South Dakota next weekend (June 19th-21st) peddling my wares. I should probably do a better job of updating on which conventions I’m going to be at for those who are watching my page :D … Continue reading

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