Fun With Dimensions

kanzashi geisha 1k


A little bit of fun mixing 2D and 3D together. Whaaaat? That’s actual kimono¬†fabric¬†Kanzashi mounted on a watercolor painting.


Of course, I couldn’t just stop there, either… I made the kanzashi piece completely separate from the painting, so it can be removed and worn as either a hair piece or as a pin–though the girl in the painting looks a little less fun without her hair ornaments, I could easily just give her different ones.

I’m really torn about where in the world this piece should go. I could sell it, and let someone get joy and use out of it. Or I could bring it with me to conventions and use it as a show piece for the kanzashi at my tables.

I think at least I want this one to go into the MileHiCon art show. I consider MileHiCon to be the highest caliber show I enter, and I always want to bring my A-game there, so this one definitely must show.

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