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Some Steven Universe Fanart

I destroyed several pieces of bread making this. Worth it.

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Joke’s Over

I’ve been selling the etched glassware at conventions for two and a half years now, and at the very first one where I carried this product (thanks to Erik for the idea and starting boost), in order to entertain myself … Continue reading

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Eeveelution Glasswork

  I got quite a few orders for shot glasses at NDK, but this one was definitely my favorite… a set of Eevee and all 8 evolutions (from Pokemon, of course). I drew the images for all of the stencils … Continue reading

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Fun With Dimensions

  A little bit of fun mixing 2D and 3D together. Whaaaat? That’s actual kimono fabric Kanzashi mounted on a watercolor painting. Of course, I couldn’t just stop there, either… I made the kanzashi piece completely separate from the painting, so it … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted these here before. I’ve been trying to catalog all of my convention products in order to fill out more Artist Alley applications, so these needed to go up! Kanzashi refers to all kinds of traditional Japanese hair ornaments, … Continue reading

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Drink up

Because of the nature of my classes the last two semesters, I haven’t been doing as much artwork and such lately… much more of it has been production for convention sales. One such thing is these etched shot glasses with … Continue reading

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Om Nom Nom Change

I’ve been at Animeland Wasabi this past weekend. My most popular product was these little pencil bags/cell phone holders/whatevers with zipper mouths. They sold so well that I ended up going home both nights to make more, and still ended … Continue reading

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