Digital Fabrication

Sketchup Exercises

Sketchup Icon:2017-05-122017-05-12 (1)

2017-05-12 (2)Nameplate:

Got cute with the font. Note that the font accommodated for the pixels that would otherwise have been “floating”.

2017-05-13 (1)Mug:

Decided to see how it looked in “glass”. I like it (though it needed a small depth adjustment I had missed earlier).



Pet Tag:

For some reason the object disappeared from sketchup when I was almost done. I saved it and reopened it, tried to unhide hidden objects, everything I could think of. But I was able to take the file and was able to open it in Rhino and finish it, so sorry I’m missing a sketchup screenshot! Also, decided to make my own shape for my friend’s new pup.

Sketchbook Pages:

Project 1:

 Idea: Dripping water cut from soft transparent plastic and turned so it would droop and evoke raindrops.

Idea: Tree form connected to city skyline roots, was looking at trees in urban environment

Idea: Image of jumping spider made from stacked layers

Idea: 3-Dimensional Centipede constructed from individual lasercut layers.

Idea/Brainstorming cutting of fabric or leather and how it would stretch and idea of geometrical interlocking parts that could form a sort of network.

Idea: Layers of cut out cave formations

Final idea: Treehouse, investigating house floorplan in relation to flat tree shape.


McMansion Hell
Work of Kim Beck – Architectural Geometries in lasercut paper

Olafur Eliasson “Your House” architecture cut into pages of book.




Reference Tree

treeTree Drawn to convert to lasercut

Modelled house in Rhino, used tree to cut out tabs on back wall of house.

20170306_043828House in construction



20170313_143021Finished project

Project 2:

Initial concept sketch

3D Model of Mac Plus

20170405_223931 3D Print with fabricated floppy disk to scale.

20170505_172256 Final Result, cast in clear resin with objects inside20170505_172309 20170505_172315

Research for supplemental ideas for the “historical artifact” included scans of Venus of Willendorf, 3D models of arcade machines instead of Mac Plus (none of them could be opened by my software), nothing else really caught my interest enough to pursue.

Project 3:

No sketchbook pages on this because sketching really happened in Sculptris


Some sketching of mobility and armature pieces

Adding of armature structures in Rhino