Magic Alter: Flatirons

FlatironsFour Magic: The Gathering basic Mountains, repainted in acrylics.

The Flatirons above Boulder, Colorado, and view of Long’s Peak to the right.

Approximately 3.5″ x 10″

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DSC_1101 DSC_1107 DSC_1109

I haven’t posted these here before. I’ve been trying to catalog all of my convention products in order to fill out more Artist Alley applications, so these needed to go up!

Kanzashi refers to all kinds of traditional Japanese hair ornaments, Tsumami kanzashi refers to folded fabric designs, such as these. But us silly gaijin tend to just use Kanzashi as a shortcut term for the flowers that are most well known.

The top one is one made with recycled/upcycled vintage kimono fabric. The other two are just quilting cottons, but they’re some of my favorites that I still have in stock.

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Drink up

Because of the nature of my classes the last two semesters, I haven’t been doing as much artwork and such lately… much more of it has been production for convention sales. One such thing is these etched shot glasses with geeky stuff on them.

DSC_1096 DSC_1098 DSC_1099

These two were special requests done after Animeland Wasabi a couple of weeks ago. Sonic and Tails on one glass above, and Derpy Hooves’ cutie mark below. I draw and cut the stencils myself before etching.

If anyone wants one, they’d be $10 each, just drop me a line until I get some sort of web shop actually running.

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The Moon


The Moon

Acrylic on MDF, 32″ x 24″

Those who know how I work should be proud, this is the largest painting I’ve done, other than the window mural.

This was done as a gift for a friend for his birthday.

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Narrative Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY : NARRATIVE PROJECT :  REALLY INTO THIS BOOKI’m in a photography class right now and we had an assignment to depict some sort of narrative in our images, and this is what I came up with.

Please click through to view these full size, it’s worth it.


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Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I hadn’t done a whole lot over the summer. But I got some work into MileHiCon’s art show, which is an art show I’ve had a lot of respect for in the last few years attending the con. So it really surprised me when I got this judges choice award on my linoleum block print “Robots in Love”! I didn’t even notice it at first, it was so unexpected! Above isn’t the exact copy of the print that was in the show, it’s another one, but I wanted to show off which piece it was.

Thanks to everyone who visited my work at the show, and especially to those who bought prints. I can’t wit for next year!

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Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Oil Paints. About 6″ x 8″

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Om Nom Nom Change


I’ve been at Animeland Wasabi this past weekend. My most popular product was these little pencil bags/cell phone holders/whatevers with zipper mouths. They sold so well that I ended up going home both nights to make more, and still ended up with only one left in the end.

They’re made with polar fleece with felt accents and safety eyes, and of course one zipper. They’re about 8″ tall.


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Hey, I’m an artist!


I got my business cards today! Apparently I’m an artist! It says so on the card!

I’m really happy with them. Full color both sides, spot highlighting on the words on the front. The pictures I ended up picking for the back weren’t necessarily my first choices, but  I had to go with ones that I had a quality picture of and looked good sliced vertically. But I think they show a nice range of things I can do and show off my use of color~!


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A Tree For Sunshine


Another Christmas gift, for our cousin Sunshine. She loves trees, and even has two tree-themed tattoos.

Watercolor, 12″x12″

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